Altona Tennis Club is delighted that from 17 May 2020, the tennis courts are once again open to members. 

We’re all looking forward to having a hit as soon as possible, but there are some important changes to tennis and we need every member to adhere to the rules and help keep the club safe. 

The club is adhering to guidance from the state government, Tennis Victoria and Hobsons Bay City Council. The rules below may change in the coming weeks and we will keep you informed of any updates. 

In the meantime, please carefully read the Frequently Asked Questions (below) and use courts in a safe way. 

If you have any questions that aren’t addressed below, please get in touch via email: 

Can I play tennis again? 
Yes – members are welcome to play either singles or doubles, provided you maintain social distance of at least 1.5m from all other people at all times. 

How many people can play tennis? 
Hobsons Bay City Council allows a maximum of 10 people, including any coaches to be on any bank of two courts at any given time, while maintaining social distance of at least 1.5m.  

This means that two groups of four participants playing doubles is permitted across two courts.  

Anyone who is not actively playing tennis (such as spectators or friends) is not allowed on the courts or within the club premises.  

What courts can members use? 
To maintain distancing between groups, members can use only courts 3-8. The club may only be accessed via the main entry gate on Bluegum Drive.

When entering the club, members must go directly to courts 3-8 via the gate to court 3 & 4.

Gates between courts have been secured open so there is no need for members to touch them, and the court gates along Fresno Street are locked.   

What courts will Vida Tennis use? 
Coaching will be delivered on courts 1-2 and courts 9-11 along Bluegum Drive. Anyone attending a lesson must go directly to these courts.  

Is the clubhouse open? 
No, the clubhouse is closed and in line with Hobsons Bay City Council requirements, no access is permitted for toilets or switching on the floodlights.  

What if I need to use the toilet? 
The nearest public toilets are located a few hundred metres up Fresno Street, next to Cherry Lake.  

Can I attend tennis lessons again? 
Yes, small group coaching with a maximum of 10 people, including the coaches, is allowed across a bank of two courts.  

For larger venues, such as ours, it is permitted to have multiple groups of a maximum of 10 people participating, provided they maintain distance of at least 1.5m.  

This means members can play on courts 3-8 at the same time as Vida Tennis delivers coaching on courts 1-2 and 9-11, provided social distancing is maintained.  

Vida Tennis is co-ordinating the gradual re-start of lessons. Enroll online or call Mark Peel: 0488 098 680. 

What if my lesson is usually at night under lights?  
Hobsons Bay City Council permits the head coach to switch on the lights for the coaching program. 

What happens if I want to have a social hit at night?  
Unfortunately, Hobsons Bay City Council requirements do not allow members to access the floodlights. Only the head coach can switch on the lights for the coaching program. 

Can social tennis groups restart? 
Social groups can re-start, with a maximum of 10 people across two banks of courts, provided the social distancing requirement of at least 1.5m is maintained.  

Social groups may not congregate before or after play: please get on the court, play and leave immediately afterwards.  

The club is not currently offering any other normal scheduled group tennis activities, such as Fast4 leagues.  

What must I bring to the courts? 
Bring your own water bottles already filled with water, as you will not be able to refill them as the clubhouse is closed, as well as your own hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and sunscreen.   

What must I do before, during and after playing?  
Thoroughly wash your hands before coming to the club and then also sanitize your hands before and after playing. You must maintain the courts as normal, including watering and bagging, and sweeping the lines during play. After playing, bag the court and then wipe down any surfaces you may have touched, including the baggers, sweepers, hose and tap. 

Can I shake hands with other players? 
No, handshakes are not allowed. Try a racket tap instead, while maintaining social distance of 1.5m. 

Can I use other people’s racquets or borrow one from the club?
No, sharing of equipment, except balls, is not allowed. Members must bring and use their own balls.  

Can people watch me play? 
No, only people core to playing or coaching may be on the club premises or the courts. 

Can I get picked up or dropped off at the club? 
Yes, drivers can drop off or collect players or people having lessons. However, drivers and other passengers may not enter the club and should remain in their cars and leave as soon as possible.  

Is court hire available? 
No, courts are currently only available to members or for coaching. 

How can I access the courts if the club is locked?  
The club may only be accessed via the main entry gate on Bluegum Drive. Full members can order a key for a fee of $55 – contact club secretary Ewa Schreiber: 0447 296 603.  
Can I have a cup of tea with my tennis friends at the club? 
No – gatherings are not allowed. The clubhouse is closed and the kitchen is locked. For now, you must arrive, play and leave immediately. The cafes on Pier Street are open for takeaways, so head there after tennis instead! 

Can children or people who aren’t playing tennis gather or play on the lawn?  
No, the only people who can be at the club are coaches, people having a lesson or members playing tennis. You must arrive, play and leave immediately. No gathering is permitted.  

How can I help to keep the club safe? 
You are strongly encouraged to download and activate the government’s COVIDsafe app. By doing so, you will be automatically notified if you have come into contact with someone with a confirmed case of Covid-19. 

You can also help to keep the club safe by maintaining and promoting strict social distancing, washing your hands regularly, bringing your own hand sanitizer and using your own disinfectant wipes on any shared surfaces, such as taps, gates, sweepers, locks, hoses and bags. 

Can I play tennis if I don’t feel 100%? 
No, if you have even the mildest symptoms such as a sore throat or cough, please seek medical advice and do not come to the club. 

What must I do if I have a confirmed case of Covid-19 and I’ve been at the club in the past 14 days? 
Let us know as soon as possible by phoning or texting club president Jerome Champetier de Ribes: 0420 817 814 and/or head coach Mark Peel: 0488 098 680. You can also email: 

Members are encouraged to activate the government’s COVIDsafe app, as this will help alert anyone who has come in contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19.  

Is competition resuming? 
No, all competitions are on pause and there is no scheduled date for a restart. We will update you when there is more information available. 

How will I remember the new requirements? 
There is signage on all courts. Please read this carefully and adhere to the rules. If you see other players not adhering, please ask them to review the signage and comply with the requirements. 

Where can I find more information? 
More details are available via the Department of Health and Tennis Victoria’s Return to Tennis toolkit.  

Who do I contact if I have any other questions? 
Email us:   

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