The Fast4 Leagues are in full swing at Altona Tennis Club, with Junior and Senior (Men’s and Women’s) Leagues being run. The format has emerged as a genuine option for players wanting a quick hit of competitive tennis. It’s not a format for everyone, but it might be a format for you.

What are the rules?

  • Each set is first to four games
  • A tiebreak is played at 3-3 (first to 5, sudden death at 4-4)
  • Sudden death deuce (receiver chooses side)
  • Best of three sets, but a first to 5 tiebreak is played in lieu of a third set
  • Lets are play on
  • A powerplay is available to each team once per set. Once played, the subsequent point is worth two points for either team (e.g. if a team plays a powerplay at 30-0 and wins the next point, they win the game, and if they lose the point it’s 30-30)

It’s quick

Fast4 matches are generally finished very quickly, as sets are shortened, lets are played on and there are no long deuce games. Therefore, it is ideal for the time-poor tennis enthusiast who wants to fit tennis into their busy week. At Altona Tennis Club, singles and doubles matches are played, and the night generally finishes within 90 minutes, making it perfect for players busy with work or other commitments.

It’s social

Fast4 Leagues are held in a more social atmosphere than traditional competitions or tournaments. It is a chance for players to compete and play with their peers in a more relaxed setting. Players are given different partners by the league organiser each week, allowing them to get to know new people and establish new bonds and connections.

What’s available at Altona Tennis Club?

A Social League (ladies and men) is held on a Monday night from 7:30pm, Juniors (includes boys and girls) is held on a Thursday evening from 6:00pm and a Competitive League (ladies and men for more competitive players) takes place on a Thursday night from 7:30pm. Match durations are approximately 90 minutes with a singles and doubles rubber incorporated.

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