Benjamin Ancheta is one of the highest performing junior players at Altona Tennis Club. He is a current member of the Thursday night JT squad at Altona TC and regularly competes at tournament level. He also competed in his first Australian Championship in December last year. We decided to get together with Ben and reflect on his journey so far.


Why did you start playing tennis and why do you enjoy the sport?

I started playing tennis because as a younger kid, I just loved watching tennis and then when I started to play I loved participating. I enjoy playing different people and overcoming new obstacles every time I play.

Describe the experience of participating in the 14s Australian Championships last year.

Participating in last year’s Nationals was by far the best thing that’s happened in my career so far. Having the chance to play in the Australian Championships was really good because you play against people you don’t know, and you get to experience playing the top players in Australia. It gave me a lot of motivation to continue training and improving.

What do you enjoy about the JT squads at Altona TC?
I enjoy the drills that we do and communicating and learning with the other players in the squad. As we are all of a similar level, we can help each other improve and challenge each other.

What would you say is your biggest career achievement so far?
My biggest career achievement would be the first tournament I ever won. That win gave me the confidence to keep going in my future tournaments and gave me the belief that I could compete at the level and keep striving for titles.

What are your short and long term tennis goals?

My short-term goal is to keep going with my JT tournaments and trying to win as much as I can. I have recently moved up to the 16 & under age group and I have already won 2 tournaments in that category. I feel that as long as I can keep that level, I can definitely continue to do well. For my long-term goal, I want to try get in the Australian Championship again this year and play against players who are a year older and have more experience. I would also like to start slowly transitioning to AMT level and play against some of the best juniors and adults in Australia.

What advice would you give to players who are just starting their tournament journey?

The biggest thing that I learnt was just to give your best every match and never give up no matter the score line. I also learnt that losing is very important. Losing gives you the experience to learn from your mistakes and become a better player. It was something that I needed to do especially when I first started tournaments, and I gradually improved as a player because of this.


Want to be like Benjamin and compete at JT tournament level? Our JT tournament squads run on Wednesday 6-7:30pm (Bronze level) and Thursday 4:30-6pm (Silver + Gold level). Contact Mark Peel for details and eligibility.

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