The July tournament period is coming up and it provides players with an opportunity to fine-tune their game and play against some high-quality opponents. Preparation for these tournaments is key – the amount of effort you put into your preparation often dictates your performance. Here are some tips on how to best prepare for your next tournament.

A week before

  • Double check the surface that you’re playing on, and train as much as possible on that surface
  • Try and get at least a few hits in during the week – matchplay sessions are especially crucial to provide an assessment of your game under match conditions
  • Having a doubles practice match with your partner can also be beneficial if you’re playing doubles

A few days before

  • Draws and match times usually come out a few days before the commencement of the tournament. Ensure you double-check your times for all matches
  • If you have an early match and you are prone to sleeping in, spend these few days adjusting to an earlier wake up time
  • Finalise on-court preparations for the tournament, ensuring you are also giving your body time to rest

The day before

  • Confirm your times for the first day’s play (checking before you go to bed is best)
  • Have a high carb meal the night before to maximise energy levels
  • Pack your bag with all necessary items (find out more here)
  • Some venues have free court hire for the day before the tournament – this allows you to get comfortable with the tournament site

The morning of

  • Have a good breakfast, preferably no less than 90 minutes before your match
  • Allow plenty of time to get to the tournament, accounting for traffic and other factors
  • Arrive at the tournament early for a warm-up – the allocated warm-up time before matches might not be enough to fully prepare

During the tournament

  • Top up energy levels with small snacks in between matches
  • Make sure to properly warm-up before matches, as well as cool-down with stretches afterwards
  • Ensure you have a proper night’s sleep after each day to aid recovery


Follow these tips to improve your chances at your next tournament. Good luck to everyone competing in July!

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