You’ve decided that you or your child wants to try tennis for the first time. So what do you expect?

What do I wear and what do I need to bring?

  • Running shoes
  • School sports uniform or sports clothing
  • If you have a racquet bring it in, if not we will supply one for you
  • Drink bottle


What to expect in a tennis lesson?

Depending on the type of lesson

  • Private lesson
    • In your first Private lesson, your coach will take some videos of your strokes and will review them with you to see where you can make improvements and show you what you’re doing well, From there you can continue to see your progress through new videos every few weeks. Private lessons also involve tactical aspects to help teach you how to play points.
  • Groups and Squads
    • These lessons involve technique, tactical and physical development activities. They are also great for a social aspect, playing with new friends.
  • Head Start Program – Groups
    • This program is for 3-5 year olds where you can expect lots of motor development skills activities – throwing, catching, movement along with basic tennis skills and movements
  • My Progress – Groups and Squads
    • This stage involves physical development activities, technical movements that are more in detail as the kids are physically more capable and tactical awareness preparing the kids for junior competition

All the lessons are developed to suit your child individual needs and are tailored to the child’s physical capabilities. Teaching the kid’s skills so they can improve their tennis but also skills that will help them with all their other sports.

Once you try tennis with Vida Tennis in our fun and friendly environment you will be constantly learning, having fun and being active at the same time. To register for your FREE intro tennis lesson click the link below


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