With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the postponement of all competitions and tournaments for now, Altona Tennis Club’s UTR Match Play Ladders are aimed at giving Junior and Senior players a chance to play competitive matches during Term 3. With tennis being an approved form of exercise during Victoria’s current Stage 3 restrictions, this allows tennis enthusiasts to play with one other player during this period.

The ladder system will works as follows:

The initial ladder will be based on relevant junior comp/pennant/UTR ratings. Each player can challenge a player who is no more than 3 places above them on the ladder, and the higher ranked player must accept the challenge and play the match within 7 days. If the lower ranked player is successful, they swap places with the higher ranked player.

A player can only challenge a particular higher ranked player once per term, with the winner being the player who is on top of the ladder at the end of Term 3. Matches can be arranged at times that suit each player – however Saturday mornings can be used for Juniors and Saturday afternoons for Seniors if desired.

Note that it’s up to each player to organise and arrange matches. Players should bring new balls for each match – balls can be bought from the club if desired.

What is UTR?

UTR, or Universal Tennis Rating, is a system aimed to give all players worldwide a rating from 1 to 16. It is a tool used heavily by college recruiters and professional players, but is just as applicable and useful for recreational players. Each match in the ladder system will be added to the UTR website to create an updated rating for each player.

The challenge is only open to full 2020/21 members who have paid their membership for the 2020/21 financial year. The challenge is free to members.

You can sign up and pay for your annual membership securely online now — Early Bird rates have been reduced by 50% and are available until 31 August 2020.

After 31 August 2020, annual memberships will increase but are still below 2019/20 levels. This is in recognition of the disruption and reduced competition caused by the pandemic, as well as members facing financial hardship.

In addition to your annual membership fee, the challenger player must provide new balls for each match.

The ladder will run from 1 August 2020 to Thursday 31 December 2020. Players will organise their own singles matches at convenient times.

Registration closes on 31 July 2020.

Please register below, and also please create a UTR account and request to join Vida Tennis on UTR: https://app.myutr.com/clubs/10673 You’ll receive an email once your request has been approved, and once this occurs you can register to the Altona event using the password ATC1.

Please register below:

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