The My Vida Journey program is designed for children who are participating in Hot Shots tennis lessons at Altona TC. It is a program to guide players and parents through the different stages of the Hot Shots program (head start, red, orange and green) and the different competencies associated with each stage of the journey. Please see the picture above for specific competencies related to each stage. Upon successful completion of a stage, players receive a certificate with the level of progress obtained along with their physical development testing results (orange and green level).

The Altona coaches consult the Vida Journey program on an ongoing basis when running lessons at all four stages. They are constantly assessing students based on key criteria as specified in the program, and testing will be occurring over the next few weeks at all four levels. Players shouldn’t feel worried or anxious about these tests – it is simply an opportunity for them to showcase their learning in a relaxed environment. At Head Start and red ball levels, testing will be based on individual strokes as well as their ability to rally and co-operate with their fellow players. At orange and green ball level, there will be some physical testing along with the on-court testing. Physical testing will include a 10m sprint, agility test, a vertical jump, a throw test (preferred and non-preferred hand) and a V-sit test.

Players will receive certificates at the conclusion of the current term based on their progress.

Good luck to all of our players and see you on court.

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