Amelia West

Amelia West is one of Altona Tennis Club’s newest WRTA Competition players. She’s progressed from weekly Hot Shots lessons to representing the club in organised competition. We caught up with Amelia to reflect on her journey so far.

Why did you start playing tennis?

I watched dad playing (Amelia’s dad Andrew plays in the Tuesday night WSNTG competition) when I was younger and thought it looked like fun. I got my parents to sign me up for lessons when I was 11.

How did you progress in the My Vida Journey Program?

I started at orange ball level on a Saturday morning, and recently moved to green ball level. I have also started playing WRTA Junior Competition this term.

How did the certificate program help you assess your skills?

The certificates were a nice reward at the end of the term. I enjoyed looking at them and seeing where I’ve improved and how I can get better. I also felt like I achieved something when I received them.

What else did you enjoy about the Hot Shots Program?

I enjoy rallying during lessons and co-operating with the other people in my group. I also like playing points at the end of the lesson as it gives me a chance to practice what I’ve learnt during the lesson. I also enjoyed learning the different serves and getting better at them.

What do you enjoy most about playing tennis?

I enjoy working as a team when I play doubles and playing a mixture of singles and doubles. I also like meeting new people in lessons and playing competition.

How are you finding your first season in the WRTA Junior Competition?

I’m finding it really fun and challenging at the same time. I can sometimes get nervous when I begin playing, because you don’t know what the other team is going to be like. However, I’ve really enjoyed working with my teammates and improving.

Has tennis helped you gain new friends?

I’ve gained new friends in my lessons, and we can all help each other and watch each other improve. I’ve also met new people when playing competition. Our parents get along and meet new people as well.

Do you have any tennis related goals for the future?

I would like to play tennis for my school (Mt Saint Joseph’s Girls College) in later year levels and continue playing competition for Altona. I would also like to keep doing weekly lessons.


Want to be like Amelia and participate in Hot Shots lessons and/or WRTA Junior Competition? Contact Mark Peel on 0488 098 680 or to get involved.

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