Whilst Altona TC consistently has large numbers participating in WRTA competition and coaching and squad programs, 2019 has seen more of our players begin to train in dedicated JDS and JT squads and compete in tournaments on a regular basis. It’s important to recap and reflect on progress made throughout the year – Part 1 will see us look back at the results achieved by our JDS players.

  • Isabelle Valters had a great year at JDS level, winning three 9/under singles titles and 2 11/under titles in singles. She also achieved an Australian Ranking for the first time at the Hume Bronze JT in July, and backed this result up with two singles consolation semi final finishes and a doubles semi final at Bronze JT level.
  • Kyri Theodoropoulos started playing tournaments this year and had some strong results, with a 11&U JDS win at Hume in August, a runner up finish at Boroondara in December as well as consolation wins at Tennis World and Boroondara in August and October respectively. Kyri also achieved her first Australian Ranking in December.
  • Konnie Theodoropoulos finished runner up in the 11&U singles at the Hume JDS in August and consolation event at Boroondara in October and Natasha Lambrianidis won a JDS at Saltwater and was a semi finalist at two Boroondara JDS tournaments.

Altona also hosted two JDS tournaments in 2019, with Altona players performing strongly:

Altona JDS 1 (Vida Series #2)

  • Girls 11&U Singles: Winner Isabelle Valters
  • Girls 11&U Doubles: Winner Helena Odenore, runner up Sofia Mirzayeva/Isabelle Valters
  • Boys 11&U Doubles: Winner Kenny Schreiber/Gabriel Mihovilovic, runner up Lucas Stojkovski/Ojas Naik
  • Boys 13&U Doubles: Runner up Menard Gesalta/Nicolas Boninsegni
  • Girls 15&U Singles: Runner up Temeika Cathery
  • Boys 15&U Singles: Runner up Aiden Vella
  • Boys 15&U Doubles: Winner Oliver Sime, runner up Aiden + Luke Vella

Other participants: Justin Legaspi, Noah Ligudzinski, Mahmood Mahmood, Muneeb Mahmood, Sofia Mirzayeva, Michael Pye, Lily Schreiber, Xavier Sime, Vignesh Varaghamurthy, Dorian Vladi

Altona JDS 2 (Vida Series #3)

  • Girls 11&U Doubles: Winner Helena Odenore/Isabelle Valters
  • Boys 11&U Singles: Runner up Gabriel Mihovilovic
  • Girls 13&U Singles: Winner Lily Joveski, runner up Lily Schreiber
  • Boys 13&U Doubles: Winner Ben Di Lisio/Xavier Sime
  • Girls 15&U Singles: Winner Temeika Cathery, runner up Hannah De Maria
  • Boys 15&U Doubles: Winner Oliver Sime, runner up Louis Coyle/George Marshall

Other participants: Ojas Naik, Kenny Schreiber, Konnie Theodoropoulos, Kyri Theodoropoulos, Nicholas Watson

The 2020 JDS tournament schedule is as follows: https://www.tennis.com.au/vic/files/2019/11/2020_jds_tournament_calendar-1.pdf

Tournament players should begin at the JDS tournament level and move up to the JT level when at the required standard. As a general rule of thumb, players should look to achieve 3 semi-finals, 2 finals and 1 tournament win at JDS level before moving to the JT level.

The JDS squads will be returning to Altona in 2020. They will be running on Monday 6-7:30pm, Wednesday 4:30-6pm and Friday 6-7:30pm. Please contact Mark (0488 098 680 or mark@vidatennis.com.au) or Sean (0422 211 243 or seans@vidatennis.com.au) if you or your child are interesting in joining for Term 1.

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